Hunter´s ball – some kind of collection


Yesterday, on the 30th of January 2017 the 35th demonstration against the hunter´s ball took place. In spite of the bitter cold the activists insisted to avow for those, who always are the hunted in the woods.

I don`t want to comment the nonsense of hunting anymore. But what I noticed yesterday once again is scaring me. Especially what kind of people, who are also – obviously weaponed – prowling the forests, visited that event.

Far from offending someone it`s hard for me not to do it. What`s also noticeable is the fact, that some of the visitors of these ball were dressed as if they were coming straight from the pub around the corner. That`s nothing, what`s important for me, but I was surprised about it, because traditionally the hunter ball is an event for the upper crust. And into the bargain it takes place in the Vienna Imperial Palace. Emperor Franz Joseph, take a look downwards.

What really shocked me (even if I couldn`t stop laughing) was the fact, that completely plastered young visitors staggered to the entrance area of the noble event.

A totally drunk lady felt out of a taxi, tried to stand up again and lost one of her shoes (unfortunately she had nothing in common with Cinderella). Young and also drunken hunters escorted her to the entrance. Near the entrance a young female visitor had to vomit on the sidewalk, completely over. She was supported by some young roaring guys. Holy shit, that`s something you even won`t see by the fire brigade festival in St. Leonhard am Forst, at least not so early in the evening.

It`s strange, that they let all those people in. On the other side you could see the indignant hunters with their entourage, they didn`t know how to leave the taxis in view of the demonstrators. A lady of the high society (lol) showed us the middle-finger. How noble.

Others tried their manorial waving and greeting. Franz Joseph, look downwards once again.

Summary: hunters, you are embarassing. But unfortunately more than that. You are dangerous. To meet you could be deadly – not only for animals.

And you`re murderers. That`s how I see it.


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